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Mohegan OTWs New Website

Posted 4:16 pm  |  By mlbWP

We recently had the pleasure of working with Mohegan Sun Off Track Wagering to give their website a new modern look and feel. We also wanted to emphasis their three locations in Carbondale, East Stroudsburg, and Lehigh Valley and their revamped lunch and dinner menus. Read More

CSC Celebrates 150 Years

Posted 1:14 pm  |  By mlbWP

We got a chance to work with Children’s Service Center recently on the production of their newest video celebrating 150 years of Hope, Help, and Healing. We had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with several CSC employees, executives, and clients who all had their own stories to tell. Read More

Custom Container Solutions New Look

Posted 6:05 pm  |  By mlbWP

Custom Container Solutions (CCS) are manufacturers of quality custom and standard steel roll off containers that are used in several different industries including oil & gas, environmental, construction, waste, and recycling. CCS is emerging with a new brand and identity developed by our team. Read More

Children’s Service Center – Now Live!

Posted 4:14 pm  |  By mlbWP 1 Comment

We’ve been working with Children’s Service Center for sometime now, anything from various print materials, video, radio and of courser web. They’ve been a blast to work with and you can truly tell they are passionate people about what they do. Read More

Never Far From The Excitement

Posted 2:26 pm  |  By mlbWP

Directed by MLB Advertising, Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs is proud to offer the most thrilling live harness racing around. With races from around the country and right before your very eyes, plus a variety of wagering options, you’re never far from the excitement of the track!

Mohegan OTW Production

Posted 8:12 pm  |  By mlbWP

On the second week of January, 2012 the MLB production and marketing team directed (8) scenes for an upcoming Mohegan Sun OTW commercial as well as several still photos that captured each scene’s theme. The idea was to show that everyone that comes to Mohegan Sun OTW always has a good time and leaves happy. Read More

What we’re thankful for…

Posted 4:05 pm  |  By mlbWP 1 Comment

  • Clients who started off as business associates and have truly become our friends…
  • The chance to enjoy what we do–and the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and do it…
  • Sharing with our community our knowledge, our resources, our energy and enthusiasm…
  • Helping our clients create strategic marketing, attention-getting creative, and tangible results…
  • The opportunity to work with our local resources–printers, photographers, production professionals–who we treat as partners, not vendors…
  • Helping to lower the unemployment statistics with our bright new hires…
  • A golden brown turkey in the oven, and a family to share it with…
  • The opportunity and privilege to grow and prosper in a country where that’s still possible…

Read More

Creative… see it first

Posted 8:12 pm  |  By mlbWP 2 Comments

Before anything, the idea.. that’s a phrase that holds true. Every communication you send to your customer should be clear and un obstructed by your design. If you put the message first and use design to support or strengthen your message you will always have more positive results. If the idea is truly strong it just needs a compliment, not to be covered in overbearing treatments, effects, and pointless distractions. Read More

In your “face”

Posted 6:29 pm  |  By mlbWP

I am a huge fan of Swiss/International graphic design. Founded in the 1950’s, but still a staple in the design industry. Swiss design focuses on communicating the message in bold terms. No fancy bevels or shadows. Straightforward and clean-cut. Many designs in the Swiss format use extremely readable and understandable typefaces. Helvetica, Frutiger, Franklin Gothic, Univers, and the grandaddy Akzidenz -Grotesk. Most clients know a few, if not all, of these typefaces. They’re used daily and seen more than that. All around you, these “Swiss” influences appear… Read More


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